Patent Number: 6,794,727

Title: Single receiving side contactless electronic module continuous manufacturing process

Abstract: A process for continuous manufacture of electronic modules (6) including the steps of providing a microcircuit and antenna receiving side on a continuous strip (8) and module surface areas; arranging, e.g., by printing, on the module surface area, a plane spiral antenna (2) wholly arranged to this area; fixing on said strip (8) a microcircuit (7) provided with contact pads (13, 14) after placing an insulator between the microcircuit the strip (8); making an electric connection between the antenna (2) and of the microcircuit.

Inventors: Leduc; Michel (Trets, FR), Martin; Philippe (Beaume, FR), Kalinowski; Richard (George-Bizet, FR)

Assignee: Gemplus

International Classification: G06K 19/077 (20060101); H01I 029/00 (); H01I 023/02 (); H01I 023/48 (); H01I 021/00 (); H01I 021/44 ()

Expiration Date: 09/21/2021