Patent Number: 6,805,123

Title: Compact multipurpose dustproof mask

Abstract: A compact multipurpose dustproof mask includes a body pipe having an outlet hole formed at one end and a mouth contact hole formed at the other end thereof, and the end where the mouth contact hole is formed is held in the mouth and/or nose, a backward flow preventing ball installed to be capable of moving back and forth and pressed by a returning means in a direction to block a narrow hole formed inside the body pipe so that the body pipe can be open/shut according to pressure of internal air, and a branch pipe formed between the mouth contact hole of the body pipe and the backward flow preventing ball, the branch pipe having an inlet hole having a shape corresponding to a filter formed at one end thereof so that the filter is connected. Thus, the manufacturing cost and the size of a product can be reduced. Also, the mask can be easily carried and kept.

Inventors: Seo; Jung-Eun (Seoul, KR)


International Classification: A62B 23/00 (20060101); A62B 023/02 ()

Expiration Date: 10/19/2012