Patent Number: 6,805,145

Title: Method and device for maintaining a fluid pressure in a defined volume

Abstract: A method and a regulating valve for maintaining a fluid pressure within a defined volume (3), and simultaneous registering of discharge of fluid from the volume as a result of leakage or consumption. The fluid is supplied from a pressure regulating valve (20) provided with a means (5-7, 22-26) which opens for the supply of fluid to the volume (3) when the pressure therein has sunk below a first value (P1), and which shuts off the fluid supply when the pressure in the volume (3) has achieved a preset second value (P2) which is substantially higher than the first value (P1). Thus, after each opening of the regulating valve (20) there occurs a distinct pressure increase at the valve outlet. This pressure increase is registered as a pressure pulse, and the frequency of delivered pressure pulses is monitored and utilised as a measure of occurring leakage and/or consumption of the supplied fluid.

Inventors: Ottestad; Nils T. (Tonsberg, NO)

Assignee: Framo Engineering AS

International Classification: G01M 3/32 (20060101); F17D 001/16 ()

Expiration Date: 10/19/2021