Patent Number: 6,834,778

Title: Mixing and discharge device

Abstract: A mixing and discharge device is provided, in which contents are ejected from a pair of containers (33) standing next to each other and are mixed and discharged outside of this device, by pressing down the discharge nozzles (35) of said containers simultaneously with the manipulation of the thumb and a finger of the hand holding the containers. Said mixing and discharge device comprises an attachment (26) to be fitted firmly around the top portion of the pair of said containers (33), with respective discharge nozzles (35) of the containers coming out of this attachment (26); and a cap unit (8) to be fitted detachably to the discharge nozzles (35) and provided with a passage block (17), which comprises a pair of step holes (23) disposed in the areas near both sides, and into which the discharge nozzles (35) are fitted tightly from underside, a discharge cylinder (19) disposed at the center and on top of this cap unit (8) to form a discharge port, and discharge passages (21) for connecting this discharge port with the step holes (23), wherein an actuating mechanism, with which to act a force to pull down the cap unit (8) by the depressive operation of the manipulating plates (55) in the lateral direction, is formed between a pair of manipulating plates (55) hanging down from either one of the attachment (26) or the cap unit (8) and the portions facing these manipulating plates (55) disposed on the other one of the attachment (26) or the cap unit (8). In this configuration, the portions with which to depress the discharge nozzles could have been displaced downward simply and stably. It has also been made possible to wash away the contents remaining in the discharge passage components.

Inventors: Jinbo; Keiji (Odawara, JP), Hamada; Tomomi (Tokyo, JP), Ishikawa; Keiko (Tokyo, JP), Aoki; Yoshie (Tokyo, JP), Kakuta; Yoshiyuki (Tokyo, JP), Toma; Toru (Tokyo, JP)

Assignee: Kanebo, Limited

International Classification: B65D 83/14 (20060101); B65D 083/20 ()

Expiration Date: 12/28/2021