Patent Number: 6,837,732

Title: Filtered electrical connector with ferrite block combinations and filterassembly therefor

Abstract: A filtered electrical connector with ferrite block combinations and a filter assembly is used for filtering of electrical signals. The filtered electrical connector includes a connector housing made of an electrically insulating material, at least two terminals each having a cable contact area for conductively attaching cables for conducting a signal to be filtered, and a contacting portion for making contact with a corresponding contacting portion in a complementary mating connector. The filtered electrical connector also includes a filter assembly which comprises at least two generally cylindrical ferrite bodies positioned on a common axis, wherein the terminals extend into or pass through the filter assembly.

Inventors: Pavlovic; Slobodan (Canton, MI), Drescher; Gerhard (Canton, MI), Torrey; Eric (Ypsilanti, MI)


International Classification: H01R 13/719 (20060101); H01R 013/627 ()

Expiration Date: 01/04/2013