Patent Number: 6,839,521

Title: Photonic bipolar modem for secure multi-channel communication

Abstract: A photonic arbitrary waveform modem utilizes a bipolar coding scheme. The bipolar coding scheme includes an arbitrary waveform modem which includes a plurality of tapped delay lines and is implemented by partitioning each optical frequency chip into positive and negative segments. Signals are decoded by effectively multiplying the transmit and receive code vectors and individually summing the positive and negative tap weights. The positive and negative tap weights are differenced to recreate the transmitted signal. The bipolar coding scheme allows for the use of truly orthogonal codes which decreases the interference and reduces the probability of detection.

Inventors: Davis; Richard L. (Redondo Beach, CA)

Assignee: Northrop Grumman Corporation

International Classification: H04B 10/155 (20060101); H04B 10/152 (20060101); H04B 010/18 ()

Expiration Date: 01/04/2022