Patent Number: 6,841,774

Title: Sample introduction device for mass spectrometry using a fast fluidicsystem to synchronize multiple parallel liquid sample streams

Abstract: A sample introduction device for introducing a plurality of independent fluid sample streams into a mass spectrometer includes a manifold (84) having a plurality of fluid sample stream direct paths. Each direct path extends between a fluid sample stream inlet (80, 82) and a fluid sample stream outlet. A plurality of bypass paths (92, 96) is also provided in the manifold. Each bypass path is coupled to a respective one of the direct paths between the inlet and outlet. A plurality of transfer lines (86, 94) is also provided with each transfer line being coupled to a respective one of the outlets to deliver a fluid sample stream to an ionization region of the mass spectrometer. A valve (90, 96) is positioned in each of the bypass paths and is actuable to divert the fluid sample stream entering the direct path via the inlet from the direct path and into the bypass path.

Inventors: Weiss; Adam (Pickering, CA)


International Classification: H01J 49/26 (20060101); H01J 049/26 ()

Expiration Date: 01/12013