Patent Number: 6,915,653

Title: Semiconductor cooling device

Abstract: A semiconductor cooling device includes a cold plate for cooling asemiconductor element, a condenser, and an inverter-controlled refrigerantpump, all of which are fluid connected in series with each other to definea refrigerating cycle. The semiconductor cooling device also includes afan for cooling the condenser, a temperature detector disposed inproximity to the semiconductor element, and a controller for controllingthe refrigerant pump and the fan. The controller controls the number ofrevolutions of the refrigerant pump and that of the fan depending on avalue measured by the temperature detector.

Inventors: Nakano; Masao (Shiga, JP), Ikeda; Akira (Kusatsu, JP), Ashitani; Hiromasa (Otsu, JP)


International Classification: H01L 23/427 (20060101); H01L 23/34 (20060101); F25D 023/12 ()

Expiration Date: 07/12/2013