Patent Number: 6,915,975

Title: Tape leader means for pulling tape from a reel

Abstract: An improved two-leader apparatus is disclosed for threading tape from a first reel to a second reel. The two-leader means includes a first reel for receiving tape from a second reel. A first leader is coupled to the first reel. A second leader is coupled to a free end of the tape which is wound around the second reel. A button is coupled to a first end of the first leader. The button protrudes from a first surface of the first leader. The second leader includes an aperture for accepting the button.

Inventors: Vanderheyden; William J. (Loveland, CO)

Assignee: Storage Technology Corporation

International Classification: G11B 23/20 (20060101); G11B 15/67 (20060101); G11B 15/66 (20060101); G11B 23/26 (20060101); G11B 015/66 ()

Expiration Date: 07/12/2022