Patent Number: 6,915,978

Title: Method of rod coil forming and set of equipment for its realization

Abstract: This invention relates to rolling and in particular to the process of rod coil forming, for instance, of steel and nonferrous metals, and to a set of equipment for its realization. The method of rod coil forming includes continuous rod feeding through a wire-rod guide, forming of waps with a variable diameter by means of speed variation of wire-rod guide rotation and stacking of waps by horizontal layers throughout the height of a coil. The difference of the applied method is in the fact that the rod is fed at a speed of 35-300 m/s. Forming of waps with a variable diameter is realized under the influence of dynamic forces by means of rod declination at the wire-rod guide outlet at an angle of with the axis of rotation and its following feeding in a curved concave path with rotation at an angle of with the axis of wire-rod guide rotation, in this case speed of wire-rod guide rotation is varied with respect to the following ratio: ##EQU1## where: .omega.--angular speed of wire-rod guide rotation, .sigma..sub.T --yield point of rod material, A conveyer feeds the formed waps in the form of a flat spiral of a variable diameter for stacking in a stack. After stacking the coil should be bound. A set of equipment is proposed to realize the applied method. This invention enables to obtain a compact coil of high-quality rod with a high efficiency of the process.

Inventors: Nekipelov; Vladimir Stanislavovich (Moscow, RU)

Assignee: OOO MT Group

International Classification: B21C 47/02 (20060101); B21C 47/14 (20060101); B21C 047/24 ()

Expiration Date: 07/12/2022