Patent Number: 6,941,387

Title: Electronic equipment controlling apparatus and method, electronic equipmentcontrolling system and electronic equipment

Abstract: The invention provides an electronic equipment controlling apparatus andmethod and an electronic equipment controlling system by which functionsof an electronic equipment can be utilized effectively. AV equipments areconnected to a PC module by an IEEE 1394 cable. Each of the AV equipmentsincludes a ROM in which information of function units built in the AVequipment is stored. Upon initialization, the PC module receivestransmission of and stores the information of the function units of the AVequipments from the AV equipments. When an instruction to record datareproduced from a first one of the AV equipments onto a second one of theAV equipments is received, the PC module transfers data in accordance withthe information of the function units stored therein and automaticallysearches for function units to be processed.

Inventors: Takihara; Masahiro (Kanagawa, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/06/2013