Patent Number: 6,941,524

Title: System and method for displaying a recursive relationship between objectsin a tree

Abstract: A computer program product is provided as a system and associated methodthat allows the user to view a hierarchical lineage in a tree format evenin the event of recursive circular relationships. The system prevents thelineage tree from being infinitely expandable truncating tree expansionwhen encountering a child that has previously appeared in the tree. If theuser attempts to expand on an object that leads to a child alreadydisplayed in the tree, the system replaces the child's icon with one thatresembles a recursive icon. The recursive icon is displayed by the systemat the point of recursion, showing that an infinite, recursiverelationship has occurred.

Inventors: Lee; Letitia K. (San Jose, CA), Noble-Thomas; Robin Meryl (San Jose, CA), Zhou; Wei (Pacifica, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/06/2013