Patent Number: 6,941,535

Title: Design system of semiconductor integrated circuit element, program, programproduct, design method of semiconductor integrated circuit element, andsemiconductor integrated circuit element

Abstract: A design system, a program, a program product and a design method which caneasily design a semiconductor integrated circuit element having adecoupling capacitor are provided. In an element region which serves as anIC chip 100, an input/output block 110 is arranged, andanalog-signal-circuit blocks 120 etc. are arranged. In the capacityinsertion regions 160 etc. of an open region 115 which does not belong tothe blocks, unit capacity cells 10a are arranged in a latticed pattern.Analog wiring lines 170 are arranged between the input/output block 110and the analog-signal-circuit blocks 120 etc., and the unit capacity cells10a of the capacity insertion region 160 are respectively connected wiringlines 171 and 172 of power source and GND potentials by via-conductors 173and 174. Thereafter, unit cells 180 are arranged, and wiring lines 190 forthe connections between the unit cells and between the input/output block110 and memory blocks 140 etc. are arranged. Further, the unit capacitycells 10a of the capacity insertion regions 161 etc. are respectivelyconnected to power source and GND wiring lines 191 and 192 byvia-conductors.

Inventors: Sekido; Yuji (Kasugai, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/06/2013