Patent Number: 6,941,572

Title: Optical information recording medium and optical informationrecording/reproduction apparatus

Abstract: It is an object to provide an optical information recording mediumincluding a substrate (1) and an optical information layer in one of thelayers the substrate (1) and having a light incident surface on at leastone of the surfaces of the substrate side and the opposite side. Theoptical information recording medium also includes a magnetic clamp layer(2) at a position not disturbing the incident light into the opticalinformation layer from the light incident surface and covering opticalinformation layer partially or entirely. The magnetic clamp layer (2) ispulled by and fixed to the magnet of an optical informationrecording/reproduction apparatus. The pulling force between the clamplayer and the magnet is preferably in a range from 0.1 N to 5 N. Thus, itis possible to provide an optical information recording medium and anoptical information recording/reproduction apparatus in whichrecording/reproduction can be performed up to the vicinity of the centerof the substrate (1).

Inventors: Wada; Takuya (Yawata, JP), Aikoh; Hideki (Higashiosaka, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/06/2013