Patent Number: 6,945,523

Title: Clamping tool comprising a displaceable and repositionable fixed clamping jaw

Abstract: The invention relates to a clamping tool com-prising a clamping jaw (5), which is releasably fixed on a rail, preferably at the end (2) thereof, and which comprises a pin (4) that passes through an opening of the rail. The clamping jaw is releasably fixed on the rail, whereby, after pulling the pin (4) out of the opening, the clamping jaw can be fixed at an opening (3) located at another position of the rail, preferably at its other end by reinserting the pin into an opening (3) located at that po-sition. A second clamping jaw (7) is displaceably arranged on said rail (1). A tightening element (8) is used to bring the second clamping jaw, according to the location of the first clamping jaw (5) on the rail (1), into a clamping position in the direction of the latter or in a direction away from the latter. The aim of the invention is to achieve a simplified changing from one fixing position to another fixing position on the rail. To this end, the pin (4) is assigned in a captive manner to the first clamping jaw (5) and is held i the engaged position inside the opening by the force exerted by a spring (9) that is tensioned when the bolt is pulled out of the opening (3).

Inventors: Degen; Klemens (Weibern, DE)

Assignee: wolfcraft GmbH

International Classification: B25B 5/00 (20060101); B25B 5/10 (20060101); B25B 5/16 (20060101); B25B 5/06 (20060101); B25B 001/00 ()

Expiration Date: 09/20/2022