Patent Number: 6,945,583

Title: Trim panel assembly having an integrated door bumper and method ofmanufacture

Abstract: In at least certain embodiments, the present invention relates to a trimpanel assembly and a method of making the same. The trim panel assemblycomprises a housing having a perimeter portion defining an opening. Thehousing comprises a housing panel and a housing skin covering at least aportion of the housing panel. The trim panel assembly further comprises adoor moveable between a first position wherein the door closes the openingto a second position wherein the door provides access to the opening. Thedoor comprises a door panel and a door skin covering at least a portion ofthe door panel. The trim panel assembly further comprises a bumperdisposed between the housing and the door. The bumper and at least one ofthe skins are made during the same injection molding step.

Inventors: Cowelchuk; Glenn A. (Chesterfield Twp., MI), Reed; Randy S. (Fair Haven, MI), Schoemann; Michael P. (Waterford, MI), Youngs; John D. (Southgate, MI)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013