Patent Number: 6,945,591

Title: Storage box for a pickup truck formed from metallic and composite materials

Abstract: A storage box for a pickup truck or similar vehicle is formed from acombination of metallic and composite materials. The storage box includesan internal storage box frame that is formed from a plurality of metallictubular components that are secured together, such as by magnetic pulsewelding techniques. The metallic tubular pieces can be formed from steel,aluminum, and the like, or any combination thereof. The storage boxfurther includes one or more panels that are formed from compositematerials, such as urethane, that are secured to the metallic storage boxframe. The composite panels may secured to the metallic storage frame boxby molding the composite material directly about the metallic storage boxframe. Alternatively, the composite panels may be formed as separatepieces that are connected to the metallic storage box frame. Thecombination of the internal metallic storage box frame and the externalcomposite storage box panels provides a relatively light weight storagebox that is resistant to dents and other deformations during use.

Inventors: Durand; Robert D. (Lancaster, PA)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013