Patent Number: 6,945,592

Title: Sealer tape and clip assembly

Abstract: A sealer tape and clip assembly in accordance with the present invention isadapted to be disposed in a recess, defined by at least one interiorsurface. The assembly includes a sealer tape member having an uppersurface, a lower surface, and opposed side surfaces. An aperture extendsthrough the upper surface and the lower surface, and is disposed betweenbut does not extend through the opposed side surfaces. A clip bodyincludes an upper portion, a lower portion, and an intermediate portionextending therebetween. The intermediate portion of the clip body isdisposed in the aperture, the upper portion of the clip body engages theupper surface of the sealer tape member, and the lower portion of the clipbody engages the lower surface of the sealer tape member. The sealer tapemember sealingly bonds with the interior surface of the recess to securethe assembly in the recess.

Inventors: Hui; Paul (Toronto, CA), Floarea; George C. (Whitby, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013