Patent Number: 6,945,596

Title: Reclining chair with back and footrest adjustable in position at the sametime

Abstract: A reclining chair, which has a back and a footrest both angularlydisplaceable relative to a seat simultaneously, is equipped with anadjusting mechanism, which includes a shaft, a pedal secured to one end ofthe shaft, a pushing member secured to the other end of the shaft, a fixedpin, and a locking rod; the locking rod is pivoted to the back at an upperend, and is right opposite the pushing member at a lower portion; thelocking rod has engaging gaps on a rear edge for selective engagement withthe pin; a spring is used for biasing the locking rod such that thelocking rod can normally engage the pin at the gaps; thus, the footrestcan be adjusted together with the back when the pedal is depressed formaking the pushing member push the locking rod forwards such that thelocking rod disengages the pin.

Inventors: Huang; Chi-Tzung (Chia Yi Hsien, TW)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013