Patent Number: 6,945,647

Title: Method for increasing the diameter of an ink jet ink dot

Abstract: A method for increasing the diameter of an ink jet ink dot resulting fromthe application of an ink jet ink drop applied to the surface of an inkjet recording medium having a support having thereon an image-receivinglayer, the image-receiving layer containing: a) from about 20 to about 65%by volume of particles; b) from about 25 to about 70% by volume of apolymeric binder; and c) up to about 10% by volume of a cross-linkingagent; the method comprising applying the ink jet ink drop on the surfaceof the image-receiving layer whereby the diameter of the ink jet ink dotis increased relative to that which would have been obtained if theimage-receiving layer had greater than about 65% by volume of particles.

Inventors: Yip; Kwok L. (Webster, NY), Shaw-Klein; Lori J. (Rochester, NY), Clarke; Andrew (Berkhampstead, GB), Price; Brian G. (Pittsford, NY)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013