Patent Number: 6,945,652

Title: Projection display device

Abstract: Light beams having different wavelengths emitted from red and bluesemiconductor lasers and a laser diode pumped green solid-state laser areincident on respectively different surfaces of a color combining elementand are overlaid on a single light path. Multiple beam interference filmsof the color combining element allow only the light beams having theoscillating wavelengths corresponding to the respective light sources topass therethrough or reflect thereon so as to combine the light beams. Acollimator collimates the light beams so that the beam waist of the lightbeams lies around a projection plane. When two-dimensional scanning isperformed by radiating the light beams onto a micromechanical mirror andthen onto a galvanometer mirror for scanning light in the horizontal andvertical directions, respectively, a color image is displayed on theprojection plane by arranging pixels in array, each pixel consisting ofoverlapping pulses of light of three colors.

Inventors: Sakata; Hajime (Kanagawa, JP), Furukawa; Yukio (Kanagawa, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013