Patent Number: 6,945,678

Title: Illumination device

Abstract: The invention is directed to provide a vehicle interior illumination devicewhich has a high illuminating effect and which can be used for variouskinds of illumination in a vehicle. The illumination device disposed in aroof portion of the interior of a vehicle, including: a firstlight-emitting section having a first light source constituted by aplurality of first LEDs disposed at substantially regular spaces; and asecond light-emitting section having a second light source constituted bya second LED, and a second outer lens with which a light emission side ofthe second light source is covered and by which light emitted from saidsecond light source is converged and radiated out.

Inventors: Sugihara; Hiroshi (Aichi, JP), Ito; Hiroshi (Aichi, JP), Kamiya; Takayuki (Aichi, JP), Sano; Yoshio (Aichi, JP), Nawashiro; Mitsuhiro (Aichi, JP), Noda; Kazushi (Aichi, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013