Patent Number: 6,945,681

Title: Headlamp assemblies and optical bodies for use therewith

Abstract: Headlamp assemblies utilize a solid optical body made of glass or anotherheat resistant, light transmissive material. The solid optical body has anaxially positioned cavity therethrough which receives a bulb that injectslight through a cylindrical wall of the cavity into the optical body. Inorder to reflect light from the bulb, the optical body has a rear surfacewhich is coated with a reflecting material, such as aluminize or adichroic material. In accordance with one embodiment of the invention inwhich a plastic lens is used, the optical body is made of glass with adichroic coating configured so that the infrared component of light fromthe bulb is transmitted through the dichroic coating and emitted throughthe rear of the optical body. This reduces transmission of heat from thebulb to the plastic lens so that the lens can be positioned closer to theoptical body, which decreases the fore/aft extent of the headlampassemblies. In another embodiment of the invention the dichroic coating istuned not to reflect yellow wavelength light.

Inventors: Larsen; Michael K. (Macomb Township, MI)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013