Patent Number: 6,945,701

Title: Multi-piece fiber optic component and manufacturing technique

Abstract: A method of making A fiber optic connector adapted to receive a fiberbearing unit involves coupling at least one high precision piece, havingholes configured to accept an array of optical fibers, to a low precisionpiece to form a unit, inserting optical fibers into the unit and housingthe unit within a fiber optic connector housing. A commercial fiber opticconnector of a style constructed to accept a ferrule-like unit therein hasa connector housing, at least 36 optical fibers, a low precision piece,and at least one high precision slice having at least 36 fiber holes eachadapted to accept one of the optical fibers, the low precision piece andthe at least one high precision slice being contained substantially withinthe connector housing and forming the ferrule like unit.

Inventors: Trezza; John (Nashua, NH), Kang; Keith (Hollis, NH), Dudoff; Greg (Amherst, NH), Olson; Ronald (Amherst, NH)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013