Patent Number: 6,945,708

Title: Planar lightwave circuit package

Abstract: An optical packaging arrangement combines a planar lightwave circuit (PLC)having an array of waveguides thereon, an array of photodetectors on asubstrate to receive light beams coupled out of the PLC by the outputports, and a collimating faceplate, having a plurality of glass cores,extending between the PLC and the photodetector array for coupling theoutput light beams to respective photodetectors. The faceplate forms acover for a hermetic cavity encompassing the photodetectors. The PLC isdisposed either co-planarly with the faceplate or transversely to it.Light from the PLC is tapped via a plurality of taps formed on the PLC forcoupling to the photodetectors.

Inventors: Crafts; Douglas E. (San Jose, CA), Farrell; James F. (San Jose, CA), Farrelly; Mark B. (San Jose, CA), Cook; Duane (San Jose, CA), Peddada; Satyanarayana Rao (San Jose, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013