Patent Number: 6,945,710

Title: Optical sub-assembly module for suppressing optical back-reflection andeffectively guiding light from light source to optical waveguide

Abstract: An optical sub-assembly (OSA) module for suppressing opticalback-reflection and effectively guiding light from a light source to anoptical waveguide is disclosed. The module comprises a light source foremitting light to said optical waveguide and at least one lighttransmitting element installed between said light source and said opticalwaveguide. The at least one light transmitting element is arranged to havea configuration for avoiding light to reflect back to the light source andto cause a light beam from said light source to point to said core of saidoptical waveguide. Thereby, the working distance is increased, and theassembling process of the OSA module is simplified. This new opticaldesign scheme will greatly improve the optical characteristics of an OSAmodule, increase the optical transceiver propagation distance, and reducethe difficulty of OSA assembly process.

Inventors: Chen; Wen-Tzung (Taipei, TW), Yang; Chien-Cheng (Taipei, TW), Chang; Chun-Chieh (Taipei, TW), Lee; Chun-Te (Taipei, TW), Chang; Chih-Hsien (Taipei, TW), Chen; Cheng-Ta (Taipei, TW), Pong; Bao-Jen (Taipei, TW)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013