Patent Number: 6,945,757

Title: Motor pump unit, particularly a motor vehicle braking device

Abstract: Despite the axial sandwich assembly of the motor housing (1), pump housing(2) and electronics housing (3), it is possible by using simplemanufacturing and assembly techniques to provide a plug connection, whichis free from distortions and resistant to breaking, with supply lines andcontrol lines (4.1; 4.2) that start from a brush plate (6) inside themotor housing (1) and pass through the pump housing (2) up to theelectronics housing (3). To this end, the supply and control lines (4.1;4.2) are fastened in the manner of a fixed plug via their ends, which arelocated on the motor housing, as a pre-assembled component to a fasteningflange (6.2) that radially projects above the motor housing (1). Thefastening flange (6.2), in the plugging direction counter to its plugconnection with the electronics housing (3), can be supported via at leastone supporting rib (6.1) on the outer periphery of the motor housing (1).

Inventors: Hartel; Gerd (Kuemach, DE), Steegmuller; Horst (Wurzburg, DE), Tupy; Matthias (Gerbrunn, DE)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013