Patent Number: 6,945,765

Title: Hydraulic clamping device for molding machines

Abstract: The clamping comprises a tie-bar which extends between a fixed and amovable platen of a molding machine, with respect to the first, andhydraulically operated locking means for engaging the tie bar andgenerating the clamping force. The locking means comprises a hydrauliccylinder having a hollow sleeve and piston provided with internaltoothings, in axially spaced apart positions. The sleeve and piston unitis made to rotate and slide axially, to selectively engage and disengagewith the toothed head at the end of the tie bar to allow step and fineadjustments of the position of the movable platen, in relation to thethickness of the mold.

Inventors: Roetzel; Hartmut (Munsbach, LU)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013