Patent Number: 6,945,776

Title: Method and a skid member for reducing temperature difference in a heatingsubject and a skid apparatus using them

Abstract: An improved method and a skid member for minimizing the temperaturedifference between a skid-contacting region and other regions in a hotmaterial to be heated such as a slab or billet within a reheating furnaceand a skid apparatus using the same. The skid member has at least oneventilation channel for restraining heat transfer toward a lower portionof the skid member for supporting or carrying the hot material in thereheating furnace and allowing passage of hot gas through the same toreduce the temperature difference between a contact region and anon-contact region of the hot material. The invention restrains heattransfer from the hot material to a skid coolant pipe and introduces hotgas within the reheating furnace into the skid member to compensate heatloss in an upper portion of the skid member, thereby preventingtemperature drop in a contact region between a top face of the skid memberand an underside of the hot material so that the rolling threading abilityand quality of the hot material can be improved in subsequent processes.

Inventors: Choi; Seoung-Duk (Kyungsangbook-do, KR), Chang; Hae-Kwun (Kyungsangbook-do, KR), Min; Kyung-Zoon (Kyungsangbook-do, KR), Yim; See-Woo (Kyungsangbook-do, KR)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013