Patent Number: 6,945,777

Title: Floss for light treatment of oral structures

Abstract: A device for the application of light treatment at a body structure isprovided. The device could also be referred to as (dental) floss and beused for body structures in an oral cavity. The device distinguishes acontainer and a filament. The container hosts one or more light sourceseach capable of delivering a light beam with a unique light treatment. Auser could select between the different light sources and/or parameters.The filament is a strand or fiber of a material transparent to the lightbeam. The filament is optically connected to a light source (or selectedlight source) such that the light beam could radiate through the filamentat a body structure. The filament could be used in direct or not in directcontact with a body surface as long as the light treatment can be appliedto the body structure.

Inventors: Black; Michael (Foster City, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013