Patent Number: 6,945,794

Title: LGA contact with extended arm for IC connector

Abstract: A fastening mechanism for an LGA socket (40) mounted on a PCB (50) fornesting an IC package (30) includes at least one holding unit (60) havinga base portion (602) connected with the PCB, a resilient arm (604)extended from the base and formed with a pressing head (606). The head isformed with an compressing face (6060) able to be adjusted to move in adirection vertical to the PCB and rotate round an axis vertical to the PCBto hold the IC package on the LGA socket, thereby establishing electricalengagement between the IC package and the LGA socket. With thisarrangement, good position of the IC package on the LGA socket is assuredand a relatively higher space over the LGA socket can be saved to arrangeother components or operate adjacent components.

Inventors: Yang; ZhenQi (Kunsan, CN), Peng; FuJin (Kunsan, CN), He; Wen (Kunsan, CN)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013