Patent Number: 6,945,800

Title: Constant force apparatus and method

Abstract: A constant force apparatus having a cam (12) with a non-planar surface (13), a compliant member (14) with a free end (18), a fixed end (16), and an intermediate contact area (20) therebetween, wherein the free end (18) of the compliant member (14) (slidably engages the non-planar surface (13) of the cam (12) and the compliant member (14) provides a substantially constant reaction force at the intermediate contact area (20) regardless of displacement (22) of the intermediate contact area (20). The compliant member (14) can further include a material capable of conducting electricity for use as an electrical contact. The apparatus can further comprise a docking station for use with a dockable unit to accept the dockable unit and provide an electrical connection thereto.

Inventors: Weight; Brent (Springville, UT), Mattson; Chris A. (Troy, NY), Magleby; Spencer P. (Provo, UT), Howell; Larry L. (Orem, UT), Brown; Bradford J. (Salem, UT)

Assignee: Brigham Young University

International Classification: H01R 13/24 (20060101); H01R 13/22 (20060101); H01R 013/44 ()

Expiration Date: 09/20/2022