Patent Number: 6,945,811

Title: Clamping spring device for an elastic clamp

Abstract: A clamping spring device for an elastic clamp for attaching at least oneelectrical conductor includes a support and a clamping leg at an end of aspring leg. The support includes a freestanding edge. The clamping legprojects toward the support at an acute angle so as to form a receivingspace between the clamping leg and the support. The receiving spacenarrows in a conductor insertion direction from a conductor insertion sidetoward a clamping point and is configured to receive the at least oneelectrical conductor inserted in a lengthwise direction. The clamping legincludes a clamping edge for clamping the electrical conductor between theclamping edge and the support at the clamping point. In the clampingposition, the clamping leg is offset from the freestanding edge so that,when clamped, the at least one electrical conductor is bent around thefreestanding edge, providing an interlocking effect.

Inventors: Feye-Hohmann; Juergen (Detmold, DE)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013