Patent Number: 6,945,829

Title: Self-locking screw connection

Abstract: A self-locking screw connection includes a cylindrical thread section (130)and a nut (300) that can be snapped onto the cylindrical thread section(130). The nut (300) has a thread that is divided into several threadsegments (322), and the cylindrical thread section (130) has a pluralityof threadless chambers (134) that are spaced from one another along thecircumference of the cylindrical thread section (130). The threadlesschambers allow immersion of one of the thread segments into one of thethreadless chambers for providing a self-locking effect.

Inventors: Finzer; Carlo (Dasing-Rieden, DE), Muninger; Peter (Bad Griesbach, DE)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013