Patent Number: 6,945,879

Title: Multi-layered balanced golf-ball

Abstract: A golf ball includes a core, an intermediate layer and a cover. The core is formed of a first composition, the intermediate layer is formed of a second composition, and the cover is formed of a third composition. The specific gravity of each of the first, second and third compositions are generally equal to each other. The first, second, and third compositions are each sufficiently mixed such that the ball exhibits random orientation when floated in a solution of sufficient density to support the ball.

Inventors: Simonutti; Frank M. (Jackson, TN), Bradley; Wayne R. (Trenton, TN)

Assignee: Wilson Sporting Goods Co.

International Classification: A63B 37/00 (20060101); A63B 037/04 (); A63B 037/06 (); A63B 037/12 (); A63B 037/14 ()

Expiration Date: 09/20/2022