Patent Number: 6,945,951

Title: Thrombectomy catheter and system

Abstract: Cross stream thrombectomy catheter and system for fragmentation and removalof thrombus or other material from blood vessels or other body cavities.High velocity saline jets emitted from a toroidal loop jet emanator orother jet emanator in a catheter distal end entrain fluid through infloworifices, and with flow resistances create a back-pressure which drivescross stream streams through outflow orifices in a radial direction andthence radially and circumferentially to apply normal and drag forces onthrombotic deposits or lesions in the blood vessel or other body cavity,thereby breaking apart and transporting thrombus particles to be entrainedthrough the inflow orifices, whereupon the high velocity jets macerate thethrombus particles which then transit an exhaust lumen or recirculateagain via the outflow orifices.

Inventors: Bonnette; Michael J. (Minneapolis, MN), Morris; John Edward (Minneapolis, MN), Wiesel; Steven E. (Montrose, MN), Bridgeman; John B. (Minneapolis, MN), Kozak; Debra M. (Forest Lake, MN), Beaupre; Rosemary C. (Lino Lake, MN), Jenson; Mark L. (Greenville, MN), Setum; Cindy M. (Plymouth, MN), Dutcher; Robert C. (Maple Grove, MN)


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Expiration Date: 09/20/2013