Patent Number: 6,966,429

Title: Conveyor pan

Abstract: The conveyor pan according to the present invention has a framework construction (1) having the bottom run (2) and an interchangeably constructed exchangeable tray (4) forming the top run (3), which can be lifted out, vertically supported on the framework (1). The framework construction (1) of the conveyor pan (50) has two roiled U-profiles forming the side walls of the conveyor pan, each of which has a vertically extending intermediate arm (11), an upper, outwards facing flange arm (12) and, lower outwards facing flange arm (13). The identically constructed but mirror imaged iron U-profiles (10), i.e. with the flange arms (12), (13) arranged facing away from each other, are joined firmly to each other by means of welded on plate strips (5A, 5B) at about half height on the inner wall (14) of the intermediate arm (11), whereby the plate strips (5A, 5B) leave an opening (6) inside the conveyor pan (50), which, with the exchangeable tray (4) removed, can serve as an inspection opening for the scraper chain, not shown, circulating in the bottom run (2) and equipped with scrapers. In the free space between the flange arms (12, 13) toggle pockets are welded in with a positive engagement, which additionally stiffen the iron U-profiles and the plate strips (5A, 5B) are supported by means of bottom run rails (20) on a continuous base plate (7) welded on beneath the iron U-profile (10).

Inventors: Vorsteher; Dirk (Bielefeld, DE), Merten; Gerhard (Lunen, DE), Fischer; Frank (Lunen, DE), Wirtz; Jorg (Hattingen, DE), Schmidt; Siefgried (Bottrop, DE), Broszat; Martin (Nordkirchen, DE), Hefferan; Alfred (Venetia, PA), Cobley; John (Farnsfield, GB), McAndrew; Alister (Belper Derby, GB), Losbrodt; Olaf (Herne, DE)

Assignee: DBT GmbH

International Classification: B65G 19/28 (20060101); B65G 19/00 (20060101); B65G 019/28 ()

Expiration Date: 1/22/02018