Patent Number: 6,966,501

Title: Agricultural boom structure

Abstract: An easily manufactured large boom construction includes a plurality of main tube support sections fabricated from plate material of differing material thickness, grade and section dependent on load. The tube support sections include apertured areas which provide a preliminary snap-fit of the main tubes to significantly reduce need for additional fixturing. The opposite ends of diagonal tubes pass through apertures in the fabricated support sections for accurate tube location without complicated weld fixtures or precise tube length and cut end angle tolerances. The tubes are welded on opposite sides of the sections to eliminate need for tube-to-tube connections or connections wherein a cut end edge has to be precisely placed against a planar surface. An inverted right triangle boom cross section with wing over-top fold configuration ability provides strength, stiffness and infinite nozzle placement possibilities.

Inventors: Wubben; Thomas Mark (Ankeny, IA), Klemme; Kent Alvin (Ankeny, IA), Stephens; Brenden Lew (Urbandale, IA), Sink, III; Henry Clifton (Ankeny, IA), Thomas; Clark Steel (Cambridge, IA), Berberich; Micah Joel (Urbandale, IA)

Assignee: Deere & Company

International Classification: A01M 7/00 (20060101); B05B 001/20 ()

Expiration Date: 1/22/02018