Patent Number: 6,966,555

Title: Sheet stacking apparatus

Abstract: A banknote stacker comprising at least one first scissors linkage acting to extend a pusher into a cashbox, and at least one second scissors linkage acting transversely to said first to extend a lateral portion of said pusher to flatten a note in the cashbox.

Inventors: Cost; Evan John (Audubon, PA), Daout; Jerome (Nyon, CH)

Assignee: Mars Incorporated

International Classification: B65H 29/46 (20060101); B65H 29/38 (20060101); B65H 31/04 (20060101); B65H 31/14 (20060101); G07D 11/00 (20060101); B65H 029/26 ()

Expiration Date: 1/22/02018