Patent Number: 6,966,623

Title: Optical encoder device

Abstract: An optical encoder device is provided with an optical encoder for detecting codewheel/codestrip positions, an optical encoder housing for accommodating the optical encoder, a first tapered guidepost protruding from a sidewall of the optical encoder housing, the first guidepost having a star-shaped cross-section and being arranged adjacent to the optical encoder, and a second tapered guidepost protruding form the sidewall of the optical encoder housing and extending substantially parallel to the first guidepost, the second guidepost having a diamond-shaped cross-section and being arranged remote from the optical encoder.

Inventors: Fo; Kok Hing (Penang, MY), Ng; Kee Yean (Penang, MY), Chong; Chee Keong (Penang, MY), Keh; Kean Loo (Penang, MY), Loesch; Herbert W. (San Jose, CA)

Assignee: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

International Classification: B41J 29/393 (20060101); G01D 5/26 (20060101); G01D 5/34 (20060101); B41J 029/393 ()

Expiration Date: 1/22/02018