Patent Number: 6,966,761

Title: Linear compressor with aerostatic gas bearing passage between cylinder and cylinder liner

Abstract: A linear abstract includes a cylinder part and a piston part. A spring connects the cylinder part and the piston part and operates in the direction of reciprocation of the piston part relative to the cylinder part. The piston part includes a radially compliant but axially stiff linkage and a piston. The cylinder part includes a cylinder and a cylinder liner therewithin. A bore runs through the cylinder liner and the piston reciprocates in the bore. Gas bearing passages are formed between the cylinder and the cylinder liner leading to openings through the wall of the cylinder liner to the bore. A gas bearing manifold receives compressed gases and supplies the compressed gases to the gas bearing passages. The gas bearing passages follow a tortuous path to the openings.

Inventors: Roke; Lindsey Jack (Auckland, NZ), McGill; Ian Campbell (Auckland, NZ), Duncan; Gerald David (Auckland, NZ), Ferguson; William George (Auckland, NZ), Taylor; Andrew Paul (Auckland, NZ)

Assignee: Fisher & Paykel Appliances Limited

International Classification: F04B 35/00 (20060101); F04B 35/04 (20060101); F16F 1/12 (20060101); F16F 1/02 (20060101); F16F 15/06 (20060101); F16F 1/10 (20060101); F16F 15/067 (20060101); F16F 1/04 (20060101); F04B 035/04 ()

Expiration Date: 1/22/02018