Patent Number: 6,966,793

Title: Electrical connector having a cover for registering cables with contacts

Abstract: An electrical connector is provided that includes a plurality of contacts having cable engaging ends that are configured to engage respective conductors in corresponding cables. The electrical connector includes a housing that holds the contacts parallel to one another and spaced apart at a predetermined pitch. A cover is mounted on the housing proximate the contacts and is movable between initial and final positions with respect to the housing. The cover has a cavity therein that is configured to receive and align the cables at the predetermined pitch with respect to one another. The cover includes a series of passages there through that align with the cable engaging ends of the contacts such that, when the cover is moved to the final position, the cable engaging ends of the contacts extend through the passages into the cavity to pierce the corresponding cables and engage corresponding conductors. Optionally, the cover may include a solid top wall without passages therethrough. The cavity may include ribs aligned with each cable.

Inventors: Brekosky; Lawrence John (Dillsburg, PA), Fabian; David James (Mount Joy, PA), Koller; Ricardo Lee (Lititz, PA)

Assignee: Tyco Electronics Corporation

International Classification: H01R 4/24 (20060101); H01R 004/24 ()

Expiration Date: 1/22/02018