Patent Number: 6,967,275

Title: Song-matching system and method

Abstract: A song-matching system, which provides real-time, dynamic recognition of a song being sung and providing an audio accompaniment signal in synchronism therewith, includes a song database having a repertoire of songs, each song of the database being stored as a relative pitch template, an audio processing module operative in response to the song being sung to convert the song being sung into a digital signal, an analyzing module operative in response to the digital signal to determine a definition pattern representing a sequence of pitch intervals of the song being sung that have been captured by the audio processing module, a matching module operative to compare the definition pattern of the song being sung with the relative pitch template of each song stored in the song database to recognize one song in the song database as the song being sung, the matching module being further operative to cause the song database to download the unmatched portion of the relative pitch template of the recognized song as a digital accompaniment signal; and a synthesizer module operative to convert the digital accompaniment signal to the audio accompaniment signal that is transmitted in synchronism with the song being sung.

Inventors: Ozick; Daniel (Newton, MA)

Assignee: iRobot Corporation

International Classification: G10H 1/36 (20060101); G10H 007/00 ()

Expiration Date: 1/22/02018