Patent Number: 6,983,500

Title: Fitted sheets with elastic side segments

Abstract: A fitted cornerless bedclothing item such as a sheet, mattress pad, anti-allergy cover, blanket or coverlet includes a top portion, side portions and end portions, and elastic segments stitched to edges of respective side and end portions. One or more elastic bindings are provided at lower edges of the side and end portions to cause the tops of the elastic segments to be positioned below the respective upper corners of the mattress on which the bedclothing item is mounted, such that no ears or pockets are formed when the bedclothing item is mounted on mattresses of at least two different sizes and/or thicknesses. The elastic segments are made of knitted or woven elastic filaments, such as SPANDEX.RTM. fabric, and can be shaped to have a straight lower edge and a curved upper edge, the curved upper edge advantageously approximating an end of an ellipse.

Inventors: Wootten; Gerald E. (Cullman, AL)


International Classification: A47G 9/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/10/02018