Patent Number: 6,983,600

Title: Multi-venturi tube fuel injector for gas turbine combustors

Abstract: A combustor for a gas turbine includes a main fuel injector for receiving compressor discharge air and mixing the air with fuel for flow to a downstream catalytic section. The main fuel injector includes an array of venturis each having an inlet, a throat and a diffuser. A main fuel supply plenum between forward and aft plates supplies fuel to secondary annular plenums having openings for supplying fuel into the inlets of the venturis upstream of the throats. The diffusers transition from a circular cross-section at the throat to multiple discrete angularly related side walls at the diffuser exits without substantial gaps therebetween. With this arrangement, uniform flow distribution of the fuel/air, velocity and temperature is provided at the catalyst inlet.

Inventors: Dinu; Constantin Alexandru (Greer, SC), Hu; Iris Ziqin (Greer, SC), Storey; James Michael (Taylors, SC), Farrell; Thomas Raymond (Simpsonville, SC)

Assignee: General Electric Company

International Classification: F02C 1/00 (20060101); F02G 3/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/10/02018