Patent Number: 6,983,669

Title: Ball screw mechanism with integral opposing thread

Abstract: A ball screw mechanism has an opposing thread provided by an integral male thread formed at one end of a nut received on the screw. The male thread is of a smaller form than the female thread on the screw so as to not normally be in contact therewith, but should ay loss of the balls occur with the resultant slight relative axial shift of the screw and nut, the male threads engage to limit such relative axial movement to protect connected equipment. Both the nut male and female threads may be machined from a cylindrical nut blank.

Inventors: Clint; Patrick (Minneapolis, MN), Bulthaus; Bryce J. (Rockford, IL), Caronna; Steven (Rockford, IL)

Assignee: Atwood Mobile Products, Inc.

International Classification: F16H 55/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/10/02018