Patent Number: 6,983,688

Title: Decoration for bags and cases and method for applying the same

Abstract: A custom decoration for bags, cases, portfolios and other business accessories (the "item") that can be printed at an appropriate location directly on the otherwise-finished item is provided. The decoration comprises a single or multi-colored ink image transferred from a lithographic plate using a transfer pad. The underlying tag or "substrate" for the decoration is a smooth-surfaced soft polyvinylchloride or rubberized material with appropriate ink-receptive or attractive characteristic--such as a matte or semi-gloss surface finish. The item is placed on a supporting surface in a pad printing device so that the substrate is restrained within a registration jig; an inked image on a plate is contacted with a printing pad and the pad is moved to contact the substrate, thereby applying the custom decoration thereto. In one embodiment, the substrate is secured by cords to a side of the item. The substrate is constructed from a pliable material, such as rubberized polyvinylchloride, with custom ink decoration applied thereto. The opposing ends of the substrate include tabs that are secured around each of opposing cords. Likewise, a substrate can be secured along an edge of an item by adhesives or stitching. This edge can be that of an outer pocket.

Inventors: Papa; Frank J. (Chester, NH), Domotor; Agnes Csilla (Jamaica Plain, MA), Lederer; Joshua B. (Brookline, MA), Ivers; Maryann (Amesbury, MA)

Assignee: The Gem Group, Inc.

International Classification: B41F 17/00 (20060101); B41F 16/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/10/02018