Patent Number: 7,028,860

Title: Inter-folded sheet dispenser with replaceable cartridge

Abstract: A dispenser for inter-folded sheet includes a replaceable cartridge. In preferred embodiments, the replaceable cartridge includes a generally planar rectangular core having a stack of inter-folded food service sheets wrapped around the core in a U-shape and retained in position by shrink wrap.

Inventors: Behnke; Janica S. (Appleton, WI), Rigotti; Kathleen R. (Neenah, WI), Thomas; Katie L. (Wrightstown, WI), Hartjes; Timothy P. (Kimberly, WI), Kilgore; Michael R. (Little Suamico, WI), Budz; Gregory D. (Sobieski, WI)

Assignee: Fort James Corporation

International Classification: A47K 10/24 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 4/18/02018