Patent Number: 7,029,019

Title: Attachment for a host vehicle for moving a selected item

Abstract: The present invention is an attacher having a receiver extending rearward and a boom extending upward and rearward from a base. One or more connectors, such as a gooseneck hitch or a hook, can be at the distal end of the boom. The boom is supported by a pair of bent arms that interconnect the base and the boom. The bent arms connect to the boom near the distal end of the boom. The present invention can connect directly to a three point hitch of a host vehicle, or to an adapter plate having a three point hitch. To accomplish this, two pins extend out from opposed ends of the base and a U-shaped bracket is on the boom. At least one plate can be recessed within the base to anchor the pins to the base, in addition to welding the pins to the base.

Inventors: Dye; Steven (West Bend, WI)


International Classification: B60D 1/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 4/18/02018