Patent Number: 7,029,045

Title: Doe Antlers

Abstract: A Doe Antlers is a device designed for retrieving wild game animals such as deer or other animals of similar size. Doe Antlers consists of a yoke, yoke handles, an adjustment fastener, a hook, and hand grips. The yoke can be manufactured of tubular or solid material such as metals including but not limited to steel, aluminum, titanium, and other materials such as composites, graphites, pultruded fiberglass, and etcetera. The adjustable fastener is a series of links joined together into a chain permanently fastened at one end and having a hook fastener at the other end. The yoke and handles constitute a single unit with a handle placed at both ends of the yoke. The handles may consist of rubber or other similar material over the yoke body, or they may be knurled steel for ease of use. The fastener is designed to lock the game animal's head securely into the yoke, allowing two people to easily move the game animal to the desired location.

Inventors: Tumminaro; Michael (Plano, IL)


International Classification: B65G 7/12 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 4/18/02018